There’s a new VO show. Watch at your own risk!

Andrew Morrison


There’s a new kid on the block of voice over podcasts.

It’s the Voice Over Coffee Shopwith host Andrew Morrison.

Voice Overs are usually known for their ability to talk, but I tell you what… Andrew can listen! He was kind enough to let me be his first guest.

He kept on asking questions, so I kept on talking. So much so, that poor Andrew had to slice our interview up into three, bite-sized pieces.

Here’s part one:

To be honest, I had to talk myself into watching the podcast on YouTube. Even though I listen to my voice every single day, it’s not easy for me to observe myself. When I listen to my voice, it’s usually because I’m editing a voice over I just recorded. I’m reading someone else’s text, and the words and inflection are very deliberate.

Being interviewed is a more or less spontaneous process. I can choose my own words, and once they’re uttered, I can’t take ’em back, or record another take. That’s why I prefer blogging.

Blogging allows me to edit my thoughts, and sculpt my message until I’m satisfied. Every post you read on this blog contains dozens of rewrites before it reaches you. It’s a neatly manicured lawn, whereas an interview can be a bit of a jungle.

Well, you be the judge. Part two of the interview is right here:

One of my greatest challenges during an interview is my altered awareness of time.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that since my stroke I very much live in the moment. That can be a blessing AND a curse.

As recently as last night, I left a burner on our electric stove on the highest setting, after I had removed the pan and served our dinner. I then went up to watch some TV and totally forgot about the stove.

When my wife came down, the thing was red hot, and had been inadvertently warming up the kitchen. Imagine what could have happened, had I left a pan on the burner!

During live interviews I also lose my sense of time, and I just keep on talking. One thought leads to another and another. I’m sure you’ve noticed that while watching the interview. If you haven’t, you must have been in the moment, too!

Because I am aware of it, I instruct my interviewers beforehand to interrupt me when I’m going on too long. In our society, interrupting someone is usually seen as impolite, so, not every podcast host feels comfortable doing it.

If you’ve made it through part one and two, you might as well watch the conclusion.

I sincerely hope you won’t feel as uncomfortable as I am, watching myself. Of course I could have declined Andrew’s request for an interview, but I believe that it’s good to do things in life that make us uncomfortable. “Playing it Safe” is not a strategy I subscribe to.

One thing the great movers and shakers of society have in common is that they never play it safe. Many of them proved that what people believed could never be done, could actually be done once you turn fear into courage, and courage into action.

Those people dare to be different. They dare to stand out, and be laughed at for being dreamers. A flower will never bloom as long as it’s afraid of the sun. 

There’s another thing that holds people back from sticking their necks out. It’s the following thought:

“What will others think of me?”

The moment I released that limiting idea, was the moment my freelance career started taking off.

Here’s the thing.

If you’re doing a good job as a content producer (such as a blogger or podcaster), people WILL talk about you. You actually WANT that! The moment people stay silent, or stop caring, you should be worried.

This is what I learned over time:

No matter how hard you try, you cannot force people to like you, or to agree with you. Even if you think you’ve explained your position to the best of your abilities, there will always be folks who believe they’re looking at a 6, while you are clearly talking about a 9.

Our perception of reality is subjective, and is always a matter of personal perspective. If you don’t believe me, read up on confirmation bias

Now, how you respond to Andrew’s interview with me is up to you. I can only (more or less) control what I send out into the world, including this interview.

One thing I hope you will do, is support Drew and his podcast by subscribing to it on the website, and by subscribing to his YouTube Channel  (as always, all text on this blog that is bold and dark blue, is a hyperlink).

You can also buy Drew a brew, when you click on this link

Talk to you next week!

Please bring a thermos filled with coffee. You might be stuck with me for a while. 

Paul Strikwerda ©nethervoice

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