We fell in love with his accent. It was as if he had written our book. Robbin Phillips, “Brains on Fire”

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In what languages do you record?

Having lived and worked in four countries, international narration is my specialty. I record in Dutch (native speaker), English and in German. I’m often involved in challenging multilingual projects because I strive for authentic pronunciation. Let me give you a few examples:

The Alaska Native Heritage Center hired me to record a German audio tour loaded with words in the different native languages of that region. The audio book I recorded on Bratislava contained Russian, Polish, Slovak, Yiddish, German, Rumanian, Italian and French.

My most in-demand accent is neutral English.

What is neutral English?

In a global market, the producers I work with often steer away from a typical British or American voice to appeal to a broader multi-national audience.

My Northern-European accent is perceived as rather neutral, giving products and services a more international sound. This can dramatically increase conversion.

You live and work in the United States. Is your Dutch still accent-free?

Most definitely. As a former newsreader and anchor for Dutch radio, I set the standard for what is called “Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands” or ABN. ABN is the national norm for accent-free Dutch, similar to RP in the UK or ABE in the USA.
Friends and colleagues from Holland are often surprised that my Dutch pronunciation hasn’t changed since I left The Netherlands. I use that to my advantage since I’m one of the very few native Dutch voice-over talents based in North-America. I also visit the Netherlands as frequently as I can, to make sure my Dutch is still current.

Please note that some Flemish talents advertise themselves as Dutch speakers. Dutch and Flemish are as different from one another as American and British English.

What’s your average turnaround time?

It depends on your project and my workload. A 60-thousand word audio book takes a bit longer than a 60-second commercial. On average, my turnaround time is 12 – 24 hours. Rush delivery is available.

Do you record custom demos?

Once you send me a sample of your script I’ll gladly record a demo for you at no charge. Remember: the more specific you are about what you’re hoping to hear, the easier it is to give you the read you need.

I just listened to your custom demo. Why did you change the script?

Some voice-over professionals watermark demos to protect their work. I prefer to make small changes to the text to make sure it cannot be used commercially.

Do you have your own studio?

Yes, I do. 95% of my work is recorded in my soundproof voice-over studio, located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. You’ll never have to worry about hiss, echoes, rumble or other background noises amateur narrators are notorious for. I also record in studios in New York and Philadelphia.

What type of audio equipment do you use?

I use an ultra low-noise Gefell M930 Ts large diaphragm studio condenser microphone, a pristine Solid State Logic 2+ preamp and A/D converter, Mogami cables, and Twisted Wave audio editing software on an iMac. I edit my work using state of the art Austrian Audio Hi-X55 headphones. I connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

Can you edit your own recordings?

Absolutely. Editing is time-consuming and requires a different kind of expertise. On average, it takes at least two to three hours of editing to produce one hour of finished audio.

I can send you clean, ready-to-use audio files in most formats. This saves you time and money.

Are you represented by agents?

I have several agents on the East and West Coast of the United States, as well as in Europe.

Do you belong to a SAG-AFTRA?

No. I am a non-union voice-over talent.

Who’s on your client list?

I have clients on five continents: Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, non-profits and governmental institutions. Click here for a long list.

Do you hire talent?

I provide voice-over services and I do not hire or represent talent. Clients often ask me for recommendations. If you’re looking for a specific voice, accent or foreign language, I’d be happy to refer highly experienced, reliable colleagues to you.

How do I pay you?

I prefer PayPal or TransferWise for international payments, and I accept checks drawn on U.S. banks. When you’re ready to make a PayPal payment (e.g. with your credit card), please click the button below:

Do you coach voice talent?

Every now and then I will take on a small number of highly motivated students for one-on-one lessons. A $125 coaching session lasts for 55 minutes and can be done by phone or via Skype. Contact me to set up a session.

You’re a prolific blogger. Have you published anything?

Any advice for aspiring voice-actors?

My blog is packed with practical information for beginners and seasoned pros alike.