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Seven reasons to choose Nethervoice

1. European Sound

Okay, you don’t want a posh British voice or an in-your-face American sound. My neutral English accent speaks to a global audience. I’m also one of the very few native Dutch voice-over pros working in North America. I’m a U.S. citizen so if you’re in the States it’s easy to hire and pay me!

2. I Listen to you

Voice-overs get paid to talk, but I like to listen before I begin recording. Any text can be read in a million different ways. I won’t start to read until I know what you need.

3. Crystal-clear Audio

Avoid cheap amateurs recording at the kitchen table. My top-of-the-line equipment and soundproof studio give you ready-to-use audio, 100% free from hiss, rumble, and the neighbor’s dog.

4. Expertise

With 30+ years of experience, I need no hand-holding. Whether it’s a commercial, an eLearning course, a documentary, or an audio tour, clients like Philips, Google, and Novartis trust me to deliver their message.

5. Reasonable Rates

I’m a non-union voice, committed to making sure that my added value is always higher than my rate.

6. Trusted Voice

I’m an industry expert. With over 39K subscribers, my weekly blog is one of the most influential and frequently discussed blogs in the voice-over community.

7. Peace of Mind

Happy customers like IHOP are my best credentials, and I will go out of my way to make you one of them. Contact me, today!

Here’s my latest mouthwatering commercial:


I wish to congratulate you on all your work in the narrating world, very impressive. I have also traveled through your website, really amazing. Jim Dale, narrator Harry Potter books

His delivery is almost always spot on. Paul is one of the few people in this business that actually make my job EASIER. Dave MacNeill, Producer/Project Manager, Audiobrite

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