Are You Ready For World Voice Day?

by Paul Strikwerdain Articles, Career, International, Internet, Social Media

4 Responses to Are You Ready For World Voice Day?

  1. Sean Daeley

    Hey, Paul!

    I hope you are doing well in these crazy times. You’ve mentioned a vocal warm-up app you use as part of your routine, but I’m having difficulty finding the specific article you mentioned. Could you send me an article link or the name of the app, please?

    Thank you for all you do!

    Warmest Regards,



    Paul Strikwerda Reply:

    It’s in your mail box, Sean!


  2. T Diaz

    Ok, so it’s 04/25 and I’ve missed World Voice Day, but better late than never, or maybe I’m just really, really early for next year’s WVD. Glad it happens annually 🙂


    Paul Strikwerda Reply:

    Hindsight is 2020! It sounds like you’re ready for next year.


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