All you other Europeans, you’re just pale imitations of Paul Strikwerda, who’s agile enough to do English with a Dutch accent, but also to do English with an English accent, during which he sounds a little like… John Cleese. Briane Pagel, The Best of Everything Blog
Paul Strikwerda bills himself as speaking with a “neutral” English Accent. And, having taught Accent Acquisition at NYU and Brooklyn College, I have to agree. His accent is what I would term Global-English-Neutral. Steven Jay Cohen

Need a more neutral English voice? A native Dutch speaker? An international narrator?

That’s exactly why companies such as Harley-Davidson, Philips and Siemens trust me to deliver their message.

To give you a realistic sense of my sound, these demos have not been artificially fixed or ‘sweetened’ (except for the commercials).



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