Surviving the Gig Economy

January 24th, 2018 (9 Comments)

In about ten years, contract workers and freelancers are expected to make up half of the U.S. workforce. Let that sink in for a moment. Forget full-time positions. Goodbye job security and legal protection. No more benefits. No pensions or health insurance. No sick leave. Nothing. Working without a safety net is rapidly becoming the […]

Act Like A Pro

January 18th, 2018 (No Comments)

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The Magnet, the Colander, and the Clay

January 10th, 2018 (15 Comments)

As a blogger, coach, and voice talent, I think a lot about why certain people make it in this business and why others don’t. Those who are doing well don’t always know why they belong to the happy few. “You’ve got to have a lot of luck,” they say, and “be at the right moment at […]

Bored Stiff

January 4th, 2018 (10 Comments)

I’ve been behind the mic since I was seventeen. By the look of my grey hair, you can tell that’s a pretty long time. Thirty-seven years to be exact.  “Does it ever get old” someone wanted to know. “This voice-over thing you do.” “Well, ‘it’ doesn’t get old, but I certainly do,” I replied, not […]

Did You Miss Me?

December 27th, 2017 (10 Comments)

Wise men say that one way to spot the difference between cultures, is by looking at how separate societies approach the concept of work. As someone who has lived and worked in both Europe and in the United States, I feel comfortable making the following generalization: In Europe, most people work to live. In the […]

Whatever Happened to Critical Thinking?

December 20th, 2017 (13 Comments)

Next week I’ll publish my annual year in review post, giving you an opportunity to catch up on the stories you’ve missed. For now I want to take a minute or two, to share some of my worries and concerns, as I mentally prepare myself for 2018. One of the things I worry about is the general […]

My Most Personal Post

December 13th, 2017 (54 Comments)

As a blogger, I often write about various aspects that play an important role in the way we lead our life, and the way we run our business. Think of things like our health, our state of mind, and the stuff we use to make a living. Today’s topic is something I approach with trepidation. For […]

The Turning Point

December 6th, 2017 (37 Comments)

Potentially, this could be my shortest blog post ever. It’s the story of how I got from doing okay, to doing quite alright, professionally speaking.  Almost every week I get emails from readers, asking me to reveal the big secret to my so-called success.  Why “so-called success”? Well, everything is perception, and perception is everything. We all […]

How Not To Impersonate A Saint

November 29th, 2017 (15 Comments)

Becoming a professional is very much like growing up. At some point we all have to lose our carefree, childlike naiveté. Old beliefs about the trustworthiness of people disappear. Ideas we’ve cherished for too long, vanish as quickly as melting snow. The tooth fairy is a lie, parents aren’t perfect, and reindeer don’t fly. In The […]

Paying The Piper

November 15th, 2017 (19 Comments)

“May you live in interesting times.” It’s a well-known Chinese curse, and for me, the past two weeks have been very interesting to say the least. I must indeed be cursed. It all started with my outrageous blog post Divided We Stand. In it, I talked about a few topics the voice-over community doesn’t quite […]