Play Your Own Game

See the LightDon’t do what others do.

It has been done before.

A million times.

Stop trying to sound like someone else,

Or look like someone else,

Or act like someone else.

When you do,

You lose what makes you YOU.

And YOU is what we want to see.

Learn from the best.

Find inspiration around you,

And use your imagination

To create a career

Only you can create.

Make time for what moves you.

Eliminate the irrelevant.

Cut the clutter,

And surround yourself with people

Who support your dreams

And keep you down to earth.

Forget competition.

Embrace cooperation.

And have the courage

To stick out

And stand out.

And charge a decent fee

For decent work.

Use your wits.

Trust your intuition.

Enjoy the Now.




And remember…

Play your own game!

Paul Strikwerda ©nethervoice

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About the author

Paul Strikwerda

is a Dutch-English voice-over pro, coach, and writer. His blog is one of the most widely read and influential blogs in the industry. Paul is also the author of "Making Money In Your PJs, Freelancing for voice-overs and other solopreneurs."

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14 Responses to Play Your Own Game

  1. Debbie Irwin

    I think I auditioned for that script last week!
    Then heard it on the TV this morning!!
    Or maybe I was just dreaming….

    Keep the vibe alive. And thrive.


  2. Ruth Weisberg

    Best. Script. Ever. That is all.


  3. Kent Ingram

    Advice well-taken, Paul! Thanks!


  4. Sally Blake

    So very true ! Happy New Year Paul


  5. Rick Lance Studio

    Hey… a new format! Cool… and of course, well stated, Paul!


  6. Paul Payton

    Two experiences popped into my mind reading this:

    1. For years, I was asked, “Can you sound like James Earl Jones?” My answer would always be, “I can sound like myself in that style. and my session costs less than his.” I’d usually get the gig!

    2. A fellow VO was in New York at an agent’s office and overheard someone talking about “getting a Paul Payton type.” My first reaction: “Wow – I’ve made it – I’m finally a ‘type’!” My second reaction, a few seconds later: “Hey – they could have the original – but no one called to ask me!”

    Not sure what the above observations mean, except that your very well-written piece inspired them. Keep up the good blogging, my friend – and have a happy, healthy and successful 2015!


  7. Mike McGonegal

    Yes truly – very well said Paul! Happy New Year and here’s to an absolutely phenomenal 2015!


    Paul Strikwerda Reply:

    Thank you all for your warm responses to my semi-poetic post. “How to play your own game” is certainly going to be a theme for this blog on 2015. May the new year bring all of us continued success, personally as well as professionally!


  8. Rosi Amador

    ¡Pues claro que sí! But of course, as always you nail it and I love the poetic treatment you gave these. And what does doing all of this require? Courage as well as embracing vulnerability and fear. One foot in front of the other as you build towards these. Thanks again Paul. And happy new year. Thanks for all you bring to our community and the world. ¡Feliz año nuevo to you and your loved ones!


  9. jill goldman

    Yes, yes, yes. Lovely. Thanks, Paul!


  10. steve hammill

    Good post, Paul.

    When you think about the really great VOs and actors, in nearly all cases, they play themselves in different modes and situations.


  11. Justin S Barrett

    Love the succinct simplicity, Paul. Thanks!


  12. Lynne Darlington

    Well said Paul – there are many good T shirts in this one too!


  13. Debby Barnes

    It’s a double Amen from me, brother! 🙂


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